Time to Refinish Those Old Fiberglass Exterior Doors Oakville

Time to Refinish Those Old Fiberglass Exterior Doors Oakville

Having fiberglass exterior doors Oakville means that they demand refinishing after every few months to never compromise on the appearance and charm of the property. While the process is not that difficult, what usually makes owners think about is the required time, which is relatively high as compared to other door types. This type requires not just finishing the door but also its framing for which the exterior door needs to be removed along with scrubbing the surface to give a fresh coat of paint.

So, if you have decided to refinish exterior doors Oakville, then below is the step-by-step process of how you will be going to proceed.

  1. Preparation

If you want a completely new look and charm of the fiberglass door, then it is recommended to remove the door before starting. Although you can do it when the door is intact, you would have to compromise on the results as the paint would not be as smooth as it should be. So, it’s better to take out the door and put on a pair of padded sawhorses. While refinishing the frame, remove all hardware and put a cloth or something on the floor so that paint will fall on it instead of the floor.

  1. Sanding and Stripping

It doesn’t matter if the fiberglass door is stained or painted, you will have to remove the existing finish in order to apply a new one. So, start with a liquid stripping agent according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then apply on the surface. Remove the old one by rubbing the liquid with copper or steel wool. Once done, sand the door with medium, fine and coarse sandpaper. Now wipe with a cloth (damp) and let it sit to dry.

  1. Staining or Priming

Normally, fiberglass doors are provided with wood-grain finish that looks amazing when lacquered and stained. They can be stained by rubbing a clean cloth on the surface for total stain coverage. After application, wait until the stain dries and then apply the lacquer. On the other hand, if you want to paint the door, then start with a primer (oil-based) and then apply the paint in one direction.

  1. Finishing Coats

For stained doors, three coats of spar lacquer are required. Just remember one thing that every coat needs time to dry before application of another coat. Spar lacquer is ideal if the exterior doors Oakville have to bear harsh climate. While for painted doors, two coats are enough. Always go for latex enamel exterior grade paints and let them dry as well before the next coat. The decision to stain or paint is entirely the homeowners’ choice for which, they will have to figure out what type of finish they want.

After the entire process, reattach all the hardware of the door frame as well as exterior doors Oakville and reinstall them. If there is difficulty in putting screws into the old holes, the best way is to use toothpicks or match sticks for easy sliding.