Paper Sun Photography (formerly M&E Photo Studio) is an award winning wedding and portrait photography company based in the Kansas City area, Northern California, and Santa Fe New Mexico.  

What's most important to us?  To let your stories tell themselves through our images.  We're always aiming for powerfully emotional, revealing, and narrative portraiture.  Your wedding images are an heirloom that you will cherish and value your whole life, and we want to produce the most wonderful images for you.

What intrigues us most?  The subtleties of relationships, the tricks of light, the beauty in the everyday.  What do we bring to our clients that they treasure forever?  Fresh, fun, timeless and true photography... imbued with an element of humor, magic, and the unexpected!

Destination weddings are our cup of tea too. We've traveled with our couples from Hawaii to Puerto Rico, Palm Springs to DC,  into the waving prairies of Kansas.. and beyond!! We would love to go anywhere you want to be.  



M E E T   T H E   P H O T O G R A P H E R S


I wanted to be a photographer my Dad gifted me my first camera.  I learned from him and my Grandfather, a photographer and an artist. I’ve discovered an amazing connection to people that happens through this path; it has catapulted my work far beyond what I ever thought a wedding photographer did. I’ve found myself to be not only an artist but a storyteller & a counselor. I’m obsessed with the beautiful energy and power of people and places.


When I'm really seeing the world is when I feel most awake.  My love-affair with light paired with my joy in celebrations made me fall in love with wedding photography right away.  I inherited my love of photography from my Dad and Grandpa, (one of the many parallels Louise and I share) and photography has been part of my life as far back as I remember. I studied fine art photography  at K-State and Columbia College Chicago. It's a craft that keeps me endlessly intrigued and forever inspired. 


I am an observer and I strive to tell stories through my images. Light and laughter are among my favorite things to photograph. I have a strong passion for capturing life through images and the telling of visual stories. I love how photography can stop time, and allows us to revisit that time.While pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, I fell in love with photography and never stopped perfecting my craft. I hope to create powerful images filled with emotion, personality, and beauty. 


I got into photography as a profession after moving to Kansas City from Nashville where I was pursuing a career in music.   The relationships, stories, and experiences I've acquired from my lifestyle as a photographer are  irreplaceable. In addition to shooting as an Associate Photographer with Paper Sun, I work extensively in the editorial and fashion world.  




M E E T   O U R   C I N E M A T O G R A P H E R

Tiffany Sykes is our gifted cinematographer.  She creates amazing films, check out a few examples of her recent work below. 



While pursuing my education in studio art and photography, I took a video production class and fell in love with film. A friend started having me help her with wedding videos and I fell even deeper.. wedding videography is my passion and what I pour my heart into. Every couple is different, I love reflecting that uniqueness in each video. Rarely do I direct or stage any scenes, which allows me to stay in the background and capture those special and candid moments throughout the day.